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The Arkansas Wildlife Officers Association (AWOA) is a non-profit organization made up of wildlife officers here in the great state of Arkansas. The AWOA was formed by game wardens for game wardens as a non-profit organization to advance the principals of proper law enforcement, to actively support legislation that works to advance wildlife law enforcement, and to promote a high degree of professionalism and morale. Our website is just another way to reach out to the supporters of our organization and the sportsmen of Arkansas. 


Even On Your Day Off Our Work Never Stops

Jason Parker

By Sergeant Vernon Morris

District B-3

While off duty on October 25, 2012, I was on my way to El Dorado with my son.  I noticed a suspicious vehicle in one of the parking lots on Moro Big Pine Natural area WMA.  As I drove by I could see the vehicle was a white Chevrolet 4x4 pulling a 16 foot trailer, loaded down with what appeared to be junk.

Due to the fact we have had trash dumped on the WMA in the past I turned around and went back to investigate.  When I pulled into the parking area I observed the trailer was loaded with scrap and the subject had the hood up on the vehicle.  I pulled up beside the man and asked if he was broken down; he said he had just stopped to use the restroom.  I could tell he was very nervous while I was talking to him.  As I pulled out of the area I called the Calhoun County Sheriff’s office to have a Deputy come to the location and check the subject out.

I went on to El Dorado with my son; just as I got into El Dorado the Calhoun County Sheriff’s office called, asking where I was, stating that subject had a very long and violent criminal record and Deputy Clark was out with him, by himself.  I told the dispatcher I was in El Dorado but would head back that way; she told me she had the Sheriff on his way to Deputy Clark.  I called Deputy Clark to check on him but was not able to get him by phone.  I called Sheriff Dunn, who told me to go on with what I was doing but to meet him at the office as soon as I could.  Sheriff Dunn told me Deputy Clark had gotten a very large amount of Meth and two pistols off of the subject.

Later, upon my arrival at the Sheriff’s office, Deputy Clark told me the subject had over 14 ounces of Meth and two pistols on him.  As it turned out the suspect had over 15 ½ ounces of Meth, over $5,000 in cash, along with the two pistols.  He was on his way to meet a subject from Pine Bluff to sell him some Meth.  Deputy Clark asked if I could assist them for a couple of hours to follow up on this case; I agreed.

I went home and changed into a uniform and got my state vehicle; checking back 10-8.  I returned to the Sheriff’s office and met with Deputy Clark, Deputy Bradshaw and two officers from the DTF.  Deputy Clark asked if I would drive the suspect’s vehicle to the county line at Fordyce and park it, across from the weight station.  After I parked the truck I was to open the hood and lock the doors; I would be picked up by Deputy Clark.  We hide our vehicle, along with Deputy Bradshaw and the two DTF agents; waiting on the subject to come from Pine Bluff to buy Meth from the suspect.

Approximately 30 minutes after I had parked the suspect’s vehicle the DTF agents contacted Deputy Clark, Deputy Bradshaw and me, advising the suspect from Pine Bluff was on scene at the suspect vehicle.  The suspected buyer was taken down and arrested.