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The Arkansas Wildlife Officers Association (AWOA) is a non-profit organization made up of wildlife officers here in the great state of Arkansas. The AWOA was formed by game wardens for game wardens as a non-profit organization to advance the principals of proper law enforcement, to actively support legislation that works to advance wildlife law enforcement, and to promote a high degree of professionalism and morale. Our website is just another way to reach out to the supporters of our organization and the sportsmen of Arkansas. 

Harris Brake Lake Monster


Harris Brake Lake Monster

Jeremy Bishop

By Corporal Robbie Stout

District B-2

On October 7, 2011, I was working in Perry County when I got a call from the Perry County Sheriff’s Department in reference to a large iguana in a guy’s yard.  I asked the dispatcher how big “large” was and they stated the caller said around four feet.  I advised them I would head to the callers location. Once on scene, I meet the land owner and he stated he observed a car stop in front of his home and start pointing at something.  His curiosity got the best of him and he went out to see what they were pointing at.  When he walked into his yard he saw the iguana as it climbed up a small water oak in the corner of his yard.  I walked over thinking I would find a small iguana because size always doubles on calls like this, where I saw a LARGE iguana about 15 feet up the tree.  I looked at the situation a while, thinking to myself that I needed a bigger boat, and decided to call my partner Jeremy Bishop for some guidance and help. Once Jeremy arrived we attempted to coax the iguana out of the tree.  He wanted none of that and climbed higher than our stick or rope could reach.  At this time Jeremy decided he would climb up the tree to try and get the rope on him.  As he climbed so did the iguana until he went out on the very end of a branch.  Jeremy told me to get ready and started shaking the limb until the iguana jumped out, hit the ground and took off running.  Of course I took chase and was able to place the unwanted iguana into custody after a short run .The iguana was taken to a vet in Conway that specializes in exotics and was nursed back to health, and later adopted to a good home.